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Paradisus Boxy T-Shirt (2color)

Paradisus Boxy T-Shirt (2color)

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빅사이즈남자반팔티 헬스오버핏 박스티 야자수 디지털나염 바캉스룩 (2color)
캐쥬얼한 고급 디지털 나염 디테일의 오버핏 박스반팔티

12수 고급 면소재
두터운 고시감 + 밀도높은 촘촘한 원단감

사이드 트임 디테일과 전체 갈라삼봉봉제
넉넉한 사이즈로 루즈하고 오버한 핏감

두가지 색상 구성
- White, Black

프리사이즈 구성
남성분은 물론 오버핏 즐겨 입으시는 여성분도
남녀공용으로 편하게 착용가능
커플룩 / 시밀러룩 추천

4계절 내내 단품이나 레이어드용 등
다방면으로 코디 가능한 빅사이즈 남자 반팔티

*모델 스펙 184/77 기준 프리사이즈 착용



White, Black
*조명과 화면 해상도에 따라 실제 컬러와 차이가 있을 수 있습니다.
Free Size
F(총기장80 어깨63 가슴68 암홀27 팔길이27)

*사이즈는 재는 위치와 측정방법에 따라 1~3cm 차이가 있을 수 있습니다.

고급 면 100%

두께감 보통, 비침 없음, 신축성 보통, 안감 없음

드라이클리닝, 물세탁, 손세탁




Height. 184cm / Weight. 77kg
Top. XL / Bottoms. L / Shoes.280mm


shopping in shawnping

Shipping & Returns

Shawnping shipping and returns / Shopping Shipping Return Notice
Delivery period information
  • Shipping does not stock up and sell, but as soon as orders come in, orders are placed in a 1:1 order method, so shipping is carried out during the basic delivery period of 2 to 7 days based on the deposit date.
  • Please understand in advance that additional time may be required for products that are delayed due to a surge in orders or customer circumstances.
  • In the case of denim, knit, and outerwear, it may take 7 to 14 days or longer for reordering.
  • If you want to receive it quickly, please purchase carefully after sufficient consultation before purchase.
  • Immediate delivery, In the case of SALE products, immediate delivery is possible in a certain quantity.

Shipping Information

• CJ Logistics / GS POSTBOX Courier

  • PM 7:00 Order deadline / It takes 1-3 days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the payment date to receive the product.
  • Delays in stocking and out of stock may occur due to inventory status and customer circumstances.
  • Cancellation before delivery is possible until 12:00 PM.
  • Additional shipping charges apply to Jeju/island mountainous areas. (+3000 won)

Exchange/Return Information

  • Receipt and shipment must be completed within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product.
  • Orders that received conditional free shipping may incur initial shipping costs upon return, and round-trip shipping costs may be incurred for size misses or simple change of mind exchanges.
  • Please refer to the notice for detailed exchange/return methods or shipping cost confirmation!
  • Even if the product is defective or incorrectly delivered, it cannot be processed if it is worn or damaged.
  • After checking the defective / wrong delivery, please contact the customer center or bulletin board immediately and we will help you deal with it.

If it is not a bad reason

  • Wrinkles and marks on the product during delivery
  • Simple seams and insufficient finishing due to mass production
  • Products within the error range (±2cm) and symmetry deviation due to measurement method or mass production
  • Slight color difference depending on monitor resolution and mobile device
  • The peculiar smell of fabrics and dyes generated during the manufacturing process
  • If the product is deformed or damaged due to careless washing
  • If the button hole is blocked or if the button is poorly finished
  • Chalk marks for button position and seam marks
  • Chalk marks are volatile and can be removed with steam or hot air.
  • Discoloration of clothing (e.g. denim pants)
  • All dyed clothing may lose water during initial washing, and denim and dark or colored clothing may have migration, so avoid friction with brightly colored clothing and accessories. It is also recommended to wash separately.
  • Wet threads of fabric (e.g. linen) / thread scratches / chalk marks / difference in pattern position
  • Washing stones and sand used in the washing product manufacturing process may enter the bag.
  • In the case of products that benefit from material and fabric weave, such as knitwear, an error of ± 5 cm or more may occur.
  • Differences in detail of vintage products

Representative example) Denim men's washing and slight difference in damage and vintage products dyed with washing work

Bulk to production Due to Minor the parts error reason be number no point We will guide you .

Care Instructions

Dry cleaning is recommended.

After washing, dry in the shade.

Using a dryer or ironing at high temperatures may damage the material.

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